About Us

Goran Brković

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are two brothers, Igor and Goran Brković.
Igor is passionate mechanic with over 20 years experience.
Goran is m.sc.in electic.eng., currently computer programmer, before programmer job he was a head manager of sales and service at local VW&Audi dealer.
To work at specific jobs (welding, painting,…), we hire top professionals with international experience.
We have knowledge, experience and we are determined to make perfect cars.

Igor Brković

Our mission
On each car we work almost a full year, full time job, so we restore only one car per year.
Every single part is checked, quality repaired or changed by new one.
After restoration, the cars are brand new, we do not drive it on public roads, parked in the ventilated garage covered by cotton sheet, we start engine time to time.
Our joy is building the car, customers enjoy driving it.
About Abarth and Jolly condition, pictures talk more than a thousands words.
Abarth&Jolly origin
In our country is long tradition of producing Italian cars,
in the city of Kragujevac, 50 km from our workshop, production started in 1954.
Nowdays, same factory produce FIAT 500L,
please find more information at address:
One of the first models, and the most famous ever, was Zastava 750
(exactly the same car as Fiat 600D, with different name) :
All our Abarth’s and Jolly’s projects was ‘born’ as Zastava 750, but we gave them the new soul and appearance.