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Fresh restoration - Jolly Sold to Miami

Fiat 600 Jolly Ghia Resto-Mod Mint

I have seen, had, made and worked on many nice cars, but I never have met a guy as Igor and his thinking about cars!
These two Abarths are really too nice to drive on a track, they would better stay in our living room than in a garage!
Really, really appreciated, exactly or more than you promised, have never seen a racing car with such nice, handcrafted details like this!! Same comments from some guys which were looking to the new toys……..
I like to thank you once more for the beautiful car, you sold to me.

Today I get the registration and I am allowed to drive on Switzerland roads.

I found a garage in Switzerland that imports Abarths and Ferraris.

The owner of the garage said you have done a remarkable job.

It’s hardly never happens to see such  a nice rebuilted car.

Thanks again.

I am real happy.

Let me know when you start a new TCR.


Parts on sale

Six speed

synchronised gearbox for Abarth

Five speed

synchronised gearbox for Abarth

Drive shaft

assembly upgrade for Abarth

On each car we work almost a full year, full time job, so we restore only one car per year. Every single part is checked, quality repaired or changed by new one. After restoration, the cars are brand new, we do not drive it on public roads, parked in the ventilated garage covered by cotton sheet, we start engine time to time.