I have seen, had, made and worked on many nice cars, but I never have met a guy as Igor and his thinking about cars!
These two Abarths are really too nice to drive on a track, they would better stay in our living room than in a garage!
Really, really appreciated, exactly or more than you promised, have never seen a racing car with such nice, handcrafted details like this!! Same comments from some guys which were looking to the new toys……..
I like to thank you once more for the beautiful car, you sold to me.

Today I get the registration and I am allowed to drive on Switzerland roads.

I found a garage in Switzerland that imports Abarths and Ferraris.

The owner of the garage said you have done a remarkable job.

It’s hardly never happens to see such  a nice rebuilted car.

Thanks again.

I am real happy.

Let me know when you start a new TCR.